Aquamain (UK) Ltd are WIRS Accredited business. The schemes represent part of an ongoing process to introduce competition into the utility market.


Each scheme specifies the minimum criteria against which a service provider must be assessed in order to determine their technical competence and achieve accreditation under the relevant scheme.


The assessment criteria for the schemes are intended to enable service providers to be recognized as technically competent, aware of design and safety principles and capable of installing new connections to high levels of quality and safety.

The schemes are intended to help those wishing to procure the services of accredited service providers.

What is the Water Industry Registration Scheme?

The Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) has been developed to allow contractors to carry out installation and commissioning of water mains and services to be adopted by the Water Utilities (WU).


Any Self Lay Providers (SLP's) contracting to carry out contestable work (as defined by OFWAT and detailed in the National Self-Lay Code of Practice) can be accredited under this scheme.


All the WU's within England and Wales recognise this scheme and allow SLP's (i.e. Aquamain (UK) Ltd) holding the appropriate scopes of WIRS accreditation to tender for and if successful, undertake design, installation and commissioning of water mains and services.


Once the work has been satisfactorily completed the host WU will adopt the system for the remainder of its lifetime, subject to the SLP meeting all the adoption requirements.

What are the Benefits of choosing Aquamain?


  • Competitive Prices – cheaper than the incumbent

  • No hidden charges

  • Shorter call-off times

  • Applications made on behalf of the developer

  • Full water company liaison

  • Dedicated customer services team

  • Reduce the risk of costly delays

  • Devoted regional managers

  • Flexible approach


Service Pipe Connections

The developer also has the choice of using an SLP such as Aquamain to just carry out the service connections.


Once the water company has laid, pressure tested and chlorinated the new water main the developer then has the option to use an SLP such as Aquamain to install the service connections only.

The benefits to the developer will be a dedicated installation team to install the service benefitting from Aquamain’s short call-off times. Plot connections are called off directly and Aquamain will take care of it from there on. We also take care of the infrastructure charges and liaise with the adopting water company throughout the project.

In order for Aquamain to carry out your service connections for you a standard service agreement will need to be set up between the developer, Aquamain and the adopting water utility.




Our quotations can be compared against incumbent water authorities so you can see the savings we can offer you. Not only will we save you money but the installation of the water main and service connection will be carried out when you need it and to suit your build programme.

Developers may find the following links useful:

OFWAT - Self Lay 

Guide to understanding the Financial Arrangements for Self Lay

OFWAT - Here you can find Most Water Company Self Lay policy's and Addendums

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