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Full commissioning service available including swabbing, pressure testing, chlorination, sampling and certification.

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Swabbing is completed  in accordance with water authorities specifications to remove air and debris prior to pressure testing.


Pressure Testing

  • Pressure testing of mains is completed using a hydrostatic test pump which can accommodate various sizes from 25mm up to 800mm sized mains.

  • Testing of the main conducted using a ‘Creep Reactive’ test using standard pressure data loggers, known as a Type 2 test.

  • Test reports are analysed using a third party software programme which is WRc approved.


Chlorination / De-chlorination

  • Aquamain’s chlorination services are completed using chemical dosing equipment sized to suit the requirements.

  • Chlorine levels are monitored at regular intervals and recorded. These are measured using industry standard digital photometers.

  • De-chlorination of chlorinated water is extremely important, so that it ensures minimum environmental impact.

  • Water is passed through the dosing unit and chemically de-chlorinated using Sodium Bi-sulphate, once fully dosed, the water is then safe to discharge.


  • Bacteriological samples are analysed using labs that are STL UKAS accredited.

  • Standard water sample analysis conducted:

    • E Coli

    • Colliforms

    • 2 Day plate count at 37C

    • 3 Day Plate count at 22C

    • Other sample analysis are available in addition to the above upon request.


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